Vapoholic Shortfill Bottle Cap Removal Tool


Vapoholic E Liquid Bottle Opener

Tired of struggling to get into your e-liquid bottles? Then say hello to the Vapoholic e liquid bottle opener!

If you know anything about vaping then you’ll know that Chubby Gorilla bottles are the absolute gold standard within our industry. Strong, sturdy and practically leak-proof, these bottles are great for preventing e-liquid escaping and leaving a sticky, horrible mess.

The only drawback to having such an airtight bottle is they can be damn difficult to get into! So if you’re planning on adding some nic shots or mixing more than one flavour together then you might have a bit of a struggle on your hands…. until now that is!

That’s because we’ve created a brand-new tool that takes the pain out of opening Chubby Gorilla bottles, so thankfully wrestling with your e-liquid to get the top off will now be a thing of the past!

Armed with two grooves – one for larger e-liquid bottles and one for smaller sizes such as 10ml or nic shots – the Vapoholic E-Liquid bottle opener makes getting into your e-liquid a complete doddle!

No effort, no fuss and absolutely no mess. Simply pop off the top with ease and wave goodbye to the stress with the brand-new Vapoholic e-liquid bottle opener!

How to Use Your E-Liquid Bottle Opener

Here’s a guide you might find useful when you come to use your e-liquid bottle opener:

Step 1: Open your shortfill bottle. These bottles are childproof so remember to push down as you screw the cap anti-clockwise

Step 2: Place the groove of the bottle opener underneath the lip of the lid (see image above if you’re unsure)

Step 3: Once the groove is wedged under the lip of the lid, apply pressure just like you would with a standard bottle opener by pushing down and then lifting up

Step 4: Open your nicotine (again these are in childproof bottles so push down and twist anticlockwise) and pour it into your bottle of e-liquid

step 5: Carefully place the lid back on and push it into place

Step 6: Enjoy your e-liquid!


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