Molicel P28 18650 Battery

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Molicel P28 18650 Battery

Considered by many vape enthusiasts to be the best 18650 battery on the market, the Molicel P28 battery has a massive capacity of 2,800mAh meaning it won’t let you down after a few short hours of use! And with its fast-charging ability, this is one powerful, long-lasting battery that’s built to keep your vape device going for as long as possible!

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Length: 65mm (Flat top)

Width: 18mm

Capacity: 2800mAh

Max. Discharge Current: 25A

Please read our Battery Safety Guide to understand the dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries as they can be very dangerous if used improperly.

– Always use a battery charger which is rated for Li-ion Cells.

– When charging lithium-ion batteries they should never be left unattended.

– Please note all lithium-ion batteries have a life cycle and should be replaced every two years.

– Never expose lithium-ion batteries to extreme temperatures.

– Never fully discharge batteries.

– Always keep lithium-ion batteries secure and not loose.

– If you find your battery has a broken PVC wrap, do not continue to use.


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